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A Kapchagay native has held two exhibitions in NYC.

January 14, 2019

Kazakhstan-born Renata, who has lived in the USA for almost two years, has held two art exhibitions there. The first one, organized by an independent international organization, which supports artists in different fields of art, is titled RAW. The second one was offered to be held by her own college where she is currently studying. According to the Kazakhstan artist, America has given her the freedom to create art and opportunities for development.

"The Wheel of Fortune": a Kapchagay resident has become a successful designer in NYC.

January 27, 2019

Renata has been involved in art since childhood, and her career started back in Kazakhstan. "My artistic journey started in Kapchagay city. Over there, I finished an art school which I simply adored. In Kazakhstan, I graduated from KazGASA with the major in architectural design. Afterward, Renata traveled to London to improve her knowledge, and from there she went to the USA.